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Jameela, I got your messag!!!!!! I miss you guys sooooooooo much. We haven't done much in Paris because tom caught the flu and gave it to dad so they both have it. Mum and I managed to get out yesterday, we went to see the effile tower ( properly not the correct spelling, oh well) and after that we went along sane river it was very beautiful we saw markets and artists it was awesome I bought some lovely paintings.... Anyway it was awesome! Toms keeps me up all night so I feel half dead which is... anoying!!!!! I have walked around all the shops and markets where we are staying. We did go to see Notrodam ( no clue on the spelling) it was really cool we got crepes there and went shopping so that was nice. That is all we have done in Paris and it is not much! I really want to go and see more but tom is sick so I am limited. But who knows today is our last full day in Paris :( :( :( well I did get some neat stuff here so I guess it is fine, who knows maybe when you and I are older we might be able to save up money and travel over Europe?!!!!! That might be fun!!! Anyway I missed you and Havana a lot. I hope you guys are fine and all is well. PLEASE KEEP IN TOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From your Best Friend in the whole world

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Day 8

We are in PARIS!!!!!!!!!
We are in a little apartment called studio petit Pompidou, it is very nice, 100's of years old and we are among beautiful markets and shops! Yesterday we went for a wonder and a wire maker was there and he made me a lovly ring for free i want to go back today to buy something from there because they are very pretty. Nutra Dame was very nice. After that we got a crêpe and headed home because feels sick but my dad and i went out to see the shops. They are really good, there are lotes of chocolate places along with deli's and more!
I hope people are reading this blog... Feel free to leave comments if you want.

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Day 7

We caught a taxie to Kings cross Station ( notice that if you look on the monopoly board kings cross is there well we have also been to Mayfair, park lane, Lester square, Liverpool, oxfard circus and more!). Any way we went on the Eurostar train to Paris!

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Day 6

OK I lied Day 6 was our last day. We didn't do much we went to Liberty a famous shop (mainly for the stinking rich so you can't really afford much). Then we went to hide park which is famous for squirrels!!!!! We saw 4 of them in the day which was good. We even went up to them and feed they litterly where eating out of my hand!!! They where so cute!!

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Day 5

Day 5 our last day in London... We went to the tower of London. It was both creepy and cool. A little gruesome at times with murders and killing of family just for power, i thought it was very awesome and fun. At the tower they had cross bows and weapons, metal animal sculptures and real life Raven's very pretty birds. Did you know they were feed 100kg of raw meat and biscutes dipped in blood! Cool!!! After that we walked along tower bridge and went to a Chinese restaurant beside the river Thames. The food was really good!

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